To Post & Find Events Nearby


SammySays is an online community bulletin board, a place where you can easily post and find events happening in your neighborhood. Its the brainchild of founder John Zox, a musician-designer-entrepreneur intrigued by the lack of comprehensive and local location- and time-filterable event info online. SammySays finally provides promoters of smaller events (think: open mic night, 30-minute flash sale, or pick-up frisbee game) with an easy platform by which to instantaneously advertise to the larger community.

Launched in University City, Philadelphia (UPenn) in April 2013, SammySays is the first events site of its kind to put the power of event posting, finding, and filtering in the hands of it's users.

Quick FAQ

  • Free to post and free to search all events
  • No account set-up necessary
  • No ads or sponsored events
  • Filter events by time, distance, capacity, price, and keyword
  • Public Events (posted on homepage) or Private Events (only those w/ private link can view)
  • Group events together with keywords as you post them, & share with a single link
  • Event = Any time-based happening (sale, game, lecture, concert, party, film...)